The powerful forces of market economics which have driven technological and social change for the last two hundred years are now focusing their energies on military requirements.

In conflicts around the globe, Private Military Companies have proven themselves to be more efficient and more effective than government managed forces.

The oldest and most respected private military companies in the industry have been purchased by industrial giants moving into the growing Private Military Company (PMC) market. MPRI was purchased by L3, DynCorp was purchased by CSC, and Vinnell was purchased by Northrup Grumman.

The private military company is no longer a small company built by a few veteran soldiers, it is now big business.

The role of private military companies has also changed. In the past, private military companies would focus mainly on military skills training. Modern private military companies now offer a much wider ranges of services, including IT and construction consulting.

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An Unorthodox Soldier: Peace and War and the Sandline Affair Corporate Warriors: The Rise of the Privatized Military Industry Fortune's Warriors: Private Armies and the New World Order
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